Ying Jiang

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BHons, Tsinghua University
MSc, Tsinghua University

Research Title
Ageing at Home: An Exploration of the Meaning of "Home" for Care Design

Prof. Laurent Gutierrez  (Chief Supervisor)
Prof. Hua Dong (Chief Supervisor in Partner Institution)

About the Research
Ying's PhD research focuses on exploring the meaning of "home" for care, aiming to improve care quality particularly for the older population by gaining an understanding of how this segment of society relates to the ideas and practices of “home” and “care.” To date, she has conducted an extensive literature review and  has developed a preliminary conceptual model of “home” for her PhD dissertation. 

She has analyzed eight case studies of care homes in the Western world, and has visited half a dozen care homes in Shanghai. The comparison has revealed some interesting issues, indicating that there is a great difference between Eastern and Western cultures in their concepts and practices of care. Her residency in Hong Kong,
made possible by the Joint PhD programme between The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Tongji University is an ideal opportunity to study practices of care
influenced by both Western and Eastern cultures.

Research Methodology and Results/ Outcomes