Sylvia YEUNG

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Born in Brazil, with the heart in Hong Kong.

Graduated in Architecture and Urban Planning at Mackenzie Presbyterian University, Sao Paulo.

To think the urban or even architecture, is not about an object. Is thinking about how to improve people's lives. It's about being human.



Elements of Hong Kong has been used as reference for many important movies and games about the future- from Blade Runner (1982), Ghost in the Shell (1995) and Pacific Rim to the more recent ones. In most of them, Hong Kong is just an inspiration for the projection of the future.

The future can be considered a vision of one's mind. It is  a critical analisys that combines the elements from the present situation, traditions and learnings from the past and imagination to create the unseen.

If these movies used Hong Kong to project the future of other cities, how could the future of its own be?

The restriction of land and space to grow in Hong Kong is evident. Besides evolution of reclaimed areas, Hong Kong is still contained in a finite piece of land, where 60% of the territory is water and 40% is land. In this 40%, only 25% is occupied. From this 25%, 27% is reclaimed land, meaning that most of the settlements are in the flat lands, leaving the hills and water almost untouched in comparison with the total. This compression of 7,350,000 people in this small piece of land affects the population, generating problems: poverty, hunger, inequalities and mostly low quality of life. With the rise in sea level induced by climate change, the situation is not going to get better specially if the way to inhabit Hong Kong keeps the pattern.

Zero.topia brings the opportunity of water as a possibility of an alternative future for the present and coming issues of Hong Kong.

Supervising Tutor: Laurent Gutierrez | Tim Jachna

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