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The Half Dorm Co-living 半舍共居

The Half Dorm embrace the core values of co-living and haven’t forgotten reducing cost of living is the big mission. We are also aware of the importance of all that fun factors and human connection. On top of all these, we have a strong belief that co-living is more than just affordable housing and friends making. Interpersonal skills come along with social interactions, intrapersonal skills come along with information exchange. Finally, co-working and co-playing inspires new experiences. Co-living is indeed closely tied to personal growth and living a purposeful life. In other words, a process of self empowerment through a vivid community that is full of possibilities awaiting to be discovered. Curiosity is the key to discovery, therefore The Half Dorm incorporate rich learning experiences into that other half of our memebers’ life, and we believe creating a culture of constant learning will eventually help our members recognize their own strengths and be empowered by them.


Supervising Tutor: Amy Chow

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