Yao Song

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M.Phil, Bocconi University
MSc., Shanghai International Studies University

Research Title
Product Trustworthiness, Anthropomorphism, Product Personality

Dr Tina Luximon (Chief Supervisor)
Benny Leong (Co-supervisor)

About the Research
Regarding litter prior research has addressed communicating product trustworthiness and its effect on consumer’ perception and product personality, which plays a significant role from design thinking perspective, the present research proposes product design communication as a theoretical basis for examining the effectiveness and consequences of certain design methods, such as anthropomorphized design, on consumer’s affective reaction, quality perception, aesthetic and trustworthiness evaluation. Three studies try to suggest that we could adapt several product design skills, such as human facial trustworthy traits, into product design influencing product’s personality, such as product trustworthiness. In addition, related implications for design management, design innovation and firms will also be discussed in this research. 

Research Methodology and Results/ Outcomes