Yao Song - PhD. Emerging Media and Creativity

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Ph.D. Researcher





M.Phil, Bocconi University
MSc., Shanghai International Studies University

Ph.D. Project Title

Initial Trust in AI Agent: Communicating Facial Anthropomorphic Trustworthiness for Emerging Media


Trust, Creativity Design, Emerging Media, and Artificial Intelligence


Dr Tina Luximon (Chief Supervisor)
Benny Leong (Co-supervisor)

Research Abstract

As an emerging computer-mediated application in artificial intelligence (AI), a social robot is designed for social communication and interactions with humans (HRI). Since the nature of human-robot relationships has become increasingly bound to shift from supervisor–machine to friend–companion, people have exhibited an increasing interest in making social judgments toward such anthropomorphic objects, such as trustworthiness.

Specifically, humans intend to evaluate robots’ personality attributes as they do in interpersonal interactions. Since people would have a strong instinct to set humans as a basis for inferring the characteristics of nonhuman entities and for detecting similarities and differences between humans and nonhumans, people would more likely be attracted by humans or anthropomorphic objects. Among various personality attributes, trustworthiness appraisal is considered the most fundamental in interpersonal interaction, focusing on the evaluation of people’s honesty and reliability.

Indeed, trustworthiness in a social robot also plays an indispensable role in HRI, even at first sight. Based on first impressions, people could unconsciously finish the initial trustworthiness appraisal in an incredibly short time. However, the facial features of social robots and their potential effect on anthropomorphic trustworthiness are seldom analyzed and discussed comprehensively. The present study aimed to contribute to the literature on design for emerging media and creativity by examining whether the human facial trustworthiness features could be applied to the emerging media and enjoy similar effects.


  • Design for Emerging Media
  • Design for Creativity
  • Art Management and non-fungible token (NFT)

Key publications

  • Song, Y.; Luximon, Y. The Face of Trust: The Effect of Robot Face Ratio on Consumer Preference. Computers in Human Behavior 2021.
  • Song, Y.; Luximon, Y. The Effect of Facial Features on Facial Anthropomorphic Trustworthiness in Social Robots. Applied Ergonomics 2021.
  • Song, Y. Building a "Deeper" Trust: Mapping the Anthropomorphic Facial Trustworthiness in Social Robot Design through Multidisciplinary Approaches. The Design Journal 2020.
  • Song, Y.; Luximon, Y.; Luo J. A Moderated Mediation Analysis of the Effect of Lettering Case on Trustworthiness Perception and Investment Decision in Advertising. International Journal of Bank Marketing 2020.
  • Song, Y.; Luximon, Y. Trust in AI Agent: A Systematic Review of Facial Anthropomorphic Trustworthiness for Social Robot Design. Sensors 2020.

Awards and Competitions

  • Best Presentation, 12th Ph.D. Colloquium on Design Research at Tsinghua University (2021)
  • Chinese Appearance Patent: A Donation Box (No: 201930146241.0)
  • Ernst Mach Grant - Eurasia-Pacific Uninet (2021)
  • Merit Prize, GBA Cultural Creativity Design Competition (2020)
  • Merit Prize, The 5th Hong Kong University Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (2019)
  • The Best Paper, 7th Shenzhen University Academic Forum (2019)

Date of Completion

July 2021