Yangyang Yang

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Yangyang Yang majored in product design at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University for undergraduate study. During this four years, she attended exchange program to Delft University of Technology. She has worked in Shenzhen Dajiang Innovation Technology Co., Ltd (DJI) as a full-time intern for industrial design, and in Dongdao Design and Branding Consultancy Co., Ltd as a full-time intern for user interface and brand design. After her graduation from PolyU, she will continue to study in Integrated Design and Management at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Yang believes that design is an innovative activity for fulfilling objective demands, whose result is presented by visual form or user experience solution. The purpose of design is not confined to a useful, usable or desirable product or solution, but to conduct people’s pursuit a better lifestyle. She is with great empathy and responsibility, concentrating on applying new technology to design, especially design for the minor. Main projects she has joined are service in Rwanda to promote the youth’s quality of life through technology, renovation for Yan Chai Hospital Care and Attention Home, and user engagement in Pok Oi Hospital Elderly Home.