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I am Yanes Tsang, who is a active, positive person. A good user experience can fulfill the appetites and satisfaction for users. I always aim high and strive to be a good UIUX designer on design experience and skill set. I would love the opportunity to meet and work with any team. If I am lucky enough to be granted, I would definitely live and breathe the role. I am looking forward to hearing from any outstanding team. Please feel free to have a look on my design work and job experience in Behance and LinkedIn. Thank You!



My final outcome is a smart home design including baby toy, camera, remote and app. We aim to improve the life quality of postpartum working mother and her family.
In Hong Kong, there are 70% postpartum mothers choose to work.
In the daytime, mother and father go out to work. Grandparents and domestic helpers become the important role at home.
After a whole day working, the mother still needs to follow up the parental caring for the baby. Over a long period, those postpartum mothers suffer intangible pressure.
Our project aims to reduce the mental pressure for postpartum working mother. By building up a sharing digital community platform, the postpartum working mother can easier receive family supports with good cooperation and quick communication with the family member. Meanwhile, increase the emotional happiness for the postpartum working mother when they returned to work. Finally, they can have a safe, connective and joyful life.

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