Xintong Wei

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BA, Harbin Institute of Technology

Research Title
Design strategies of Urban Residential Area Based on Environmental Well-being in China

Prof Kin Wai Michael SIU  (Chief Supervisor)
Prof Guangtian ZOU (Co-HIT)

About the Research
In recent decades, Chinese cities have been developing rapidly. However, many existing residential areas constructed under the rapid urbanization cannot provide a high well-being living environment for residents. It is essential to explore and identify effective methods for improving people’s well-being in their residential environment. The study aims at doing social surveys of urban residential environment in order to find the relationship between human’s well-being rating and the environmental factors, and then propose a standard to estimate the level of environmental well-being in people’s neighbourhood. On this basis, the study proposes design strategies that can effectively improve the well-being of residents in the existing residential environment. The major research questions in this study are:

  1. What is the specific meaning of environmental well-being in the built environment?
  2. How do environmental factors affect people’s well-being in residential areas?
  3. How to improve the level of well-being in a residential area?

Research Methodology and Results/ Outcomes