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UI/UX // Photography // Multimedia 

I am an Interactive Media Design student who enjoy the journey of problem solving and photography. I believe that design can improve or solve the problem. It is excited to find to solution of problems.



Bankit - Saving Education Apps

Many youngsters spend future money nowadays. They spend money much greater than their income. As they may use many credit card or even loan money to do what they want such as buying new phone or travel.

Bankit is a banking app accompanied with a tangible panel for young bank customers to form a saving habit that leads to a healthy financial life.

Bankit is designed as a bank launch kit set that has an app and a digital panel.

There is no any bank launch saving app exist nowadays. And bank proposed saving plan is not personalized enough and not flexible for youngsters who mostly has low income. Bankit can also help bank to build up brand loyalty of the bank as youngsters using this app means using their bank services, so that the potential customers for bank will increase. 

Key Functions of Bankit:

  • Live Reminder: system will send a message to user's family member when they forgot to save, so that they can remind the user personally.
  • Danger Line: if user's main account balance lower than the amount, the system will alert user.
  • Challenge: rewards such as travel insurance and extra monthly interest rate will be given after challenge successful.
  • Saving Logbook: checking saving status, challenge records, whole progress and summary with analysis.
  • My Farm: users can have fun by playing this app like playing pig-raising game. 





  • 實際提醒:發送消息到家庭成員,讓他們親自提醒使用者
  • 危險線:主帳戶餘額低於此金額,系統提醒用戶
  • 挑戰:挑戰成功後會獎勵,如旅遊保險和額外月利率
  • 儲蓄日誌:檢查儲蓄狀態、挑戰紀錄、整體進度和分析
  • 我的農場:用戶可以通過玩這像養豬遊戲感受樂趣

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