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Vomit: infatuated 嘔吐物

The main concept is from a metaphor described by my friend Mr. Quincy Lun. He used staircase to present the idea of the theory of consciousness by Sigmund freud, the ego, superego and id. He used the people walking up and down on the staircase as id; Used the people crash on staircase as ego; And the handrail and notice board which avoid crash by the up and down people as Superego. I thought it was creative and while he talked about this metaphor, there are images kept appearing in my mind. And I started to think making use of my friend metaphor. Making philosophical theory to becomes a simple weird animation is my dream. It is because it can “mindfuck” people in a directly abstract transmission. For example, Famous animation created by Cool 3D world. It has the characteristic that I want to pursue in my work. I don’t know did Cool 3D world have a philosophical basis, but it indeed fucked people mind.





「本我」被「超我」壓制,並失去了形成「自我」的過程時,「本我」必然MTR 在繁忙時間可看到「超我」被「本我」、「自我」壓制的情形

Supervising Tutor: Step Cheung

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