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Our Ocean, Your Kids

Education is regarded as a crucial part in affecting the marine plastic issue and should begin when children are still young. However, it is being disregarded in Hong Kong due to various reasons, barriers and excuses. It is important to look into the importance and influence of marine plastic education for children, in relation to children’s future, behaviour, attitude, and mindset. Parents are responsible to take an active role to provide such education and shape the behaviours within the family.

The threat of marine plastic on the ecosystem and on human is already happening, the shock is an impactful method to make parents face the issue and their behaviour. The initialism “MPE” is used to spread the awareness of a Mad Fish Disease in the society. Under the outspread of MPE, all the fishes should be killed to keep children safe.

Through making the MPE a real epidemic, society falls into jitter and panic. Discussions are triggered among parents and being taken seriously. Soon the campaign will unfold the meaning behind the disease, “MPE” actually implies “Marine Plastic Education”. MPE is not a disease that we should clear and get rid of. Instead, parents should attach importance and commit to it.

Correct way of education is crucial to well protect the next generation. The solution to the current situation is to change your own behaviour and educate your children. None of these fish diseases will happen if we take immediate actions now.

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