Wing Ki WONG

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Perception of Time

It is a narrative project with the site So Lo Pun in New Territories where is the legend tells about time and space disorder. The topic “perception of time” means there are difference between “exact time” and “sense of time”. Let’s say the exact time is passed 30 mins but we feel it is passed 2 hours. In addition, the perception of time is generated by 2 conditions. The first one is “memory”. When you get more stimulation from space, the generation of memory is more so you will feel the time is longer, vice versa. The second condition is “different from cognition” which means create time illusion by confusing your cognition. The project enhances users’ perception of time in terms of light & shadow and circulation.

For the light & shadow in the courtyard, the new structure makes time illusion. When it is in morning, you feel it is at noon; when it is at noon and afternoon, you sense it is in morning. Moreover, the exhibition rooms make the time stops. Whenever what time it is, the light & shadow still unchanged.

For the circulation, the courtyard with lots of visual blocking to create glance of view. It makes you harder memorize the journey, so your sense of exact time is weaker, so you will feel the time is shorter than the exact time.

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