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Mimicry Architecture

I studies about Place and Non-place in the previous semester. And it leads me to think about the identity of space. Along my research, I am interested by the China Town around the world as they show how Chinese represent themselves and mark their area by architectural mean. However, the architectures in China Town all LOOK almost the same as the old ancient buildings but never build in the same way. I also notice that we can always find a fake temple in every mall in Hong Kong during Chinese New Year. I think Chinese architecture is being over simplify and treated as a symbol nowadays. In this project, I am creating a construction manual where people can buy and build their very own ‘Chinese architecture’ which is totally detached from the historical meaning and background. I want to reconstruct a fake Chinese architectures by minimum measure, balancing the explicit and ambiguous, real and fake. Blur the tradition to let people get just enough hints to recognize the Chinese Architecture. This is my approach to be critical toward this mimicry trend.

Supervising Tutor: Gilles Vanderstocken

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