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Design Museums in A City of Design in China


Design, Musealization, Cultural Capital, Postsocialist

Research Abstract
Nowadays, design plays an important role in contemporary life. It is significant not only in daily life, but also on societal and cultural innovation, especially in the age that hi-technology develops rapidly and huge amount of inventions are made. In the past two decades many and varied design events and activities, such as exhibitions, biennales, and trade shows proliferate. Along with museums booming and expanding in an international scale, some museums begin putting a close eye on displaying and collecting design works; some new museums are exclusively set up to dedicate to design.

This research intends to investigate the landscape of design museums in China. These museums, either governmental or private, assist to build the cultural identity of a city or an organisation, and to improve the development of local creative culture. I will look into design history internationally, then focus on how design museums develop internationally and domestically, and how they make function to promote design and cultural identity as cultural organisations.

Research Methodology

The research adopts a qualitative methodology to examine design museums in China with a constructive and interpretive worldview. Kirchberg’s museum sociology provides a theoretical ground for studying museums and their functions in society. Two case studies are selected in Shenzhen to delve into contemporary phenomenon intensively with detailed description (Creswell, 2007). Methods including observations, field trips, interviews, and questionnaires are chosen.


Key Publications

BA, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts
MA, University of Leicester

Dr. Sandy Ng (Chief Supervisor)
Dr. Gerhard Bruyns (Co-supervisor)


Museum Studies; Visual Culture Studies

Date of Completion

Sept. 2021