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Lost in the city 迷失於城市之間

The project is questioning the rationality in people's decision making during way finding. Why efficiency is the major consideration in the daily life while emotion becomes the second? As more underused walkways exist, this question is raised to the culture. An alternative circulation system is proposed and leads to a random movement of people. There is an uncertainty on the existing time and location of the pop-up spaces and devices at the crossing points, a new set of psychology e.g. perception, adventurous is encouraged in order to restructure the city's culture. The number of points are connected together to form an invisible circulation system, which is restructuring the urban landscape into a "maze", and encourages more explorations in the city.

Keywords: Random, uncertainty, environmental psychology, points, perception, restructure

此項目在質疑人們流動時作出決策的合理性:為什麼效率是主要的考慮而個人情感為其次?隨著街道的使用率偏低,此問題逐漸影響本土文化和社區聯繫。 此項目提出一套與主流方式相對的系統和環境心理學,例如鼓勵冒險精神,並引領街道使用者以隨機的方式移動。臨時的空間將設立於城市中,該處出現時間和位置是隨機的,旨在鼓勵人們多在城市進行探索以及重建舊有的文化,將城市面貌改造成大型的迷宮。


Supervising Tutor: Tim Jachna

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