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Hello, I am Christine. I love design. I really enjoy the process of the design, just like a journey of discovery, which is so interesting.



CAPCHEESE is an APP, which is aimed at encouraging you always smile and capture your happy moments. It is a platform for you to record your emotion status everyday by taking selfie. While you continue recording everyday,these selfies you took will become a selfie calendar with different colours which represent to your emotions each day, such as happy represents to yellow. Not only taking selfies, the main features but also include the community, mini task, emotions analysis and a system which will recall your previous happy moments and give some advise to stop worsening your depression indirectly if most of your emotion status are continuously sad. At the end of day, there is an installation to shows the numbers of people with different emotion status everyday in order to raise up the public awareness.

Before downloading CAPCHEESE, there is a campaign with the theme of smile effect to attract you to download the app by make a good use of your curiosity, which is using the similarity of smile between you and celebrities as a gimmick. In this campaign,you can participate some mini competitions and experience some of the main features of the app to show Capcheese is an app with fun and caring. After using it, recording your emotion status become a daily habit and it hope you can become happier.



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