Wai Tak Lam

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I pursue the green design in both the indoor and outdoor area because it can help sustainable development and also provide a healthy environment to the people. I agree with Adolf Loos that ornament is a waste on capital and I believe that the modern design should be simple and functional, and advocate the sustainability.


Green Stallscape

The design intent to encourage Dai Pai Dong as a new tourist attraction point of Hong Kong so as to promote the street culture and collective memory of Dai Pai Dong, also increase the citizen's awareness of cultural preservation on vernacular design. Specifically, the traditional layout, outdoor condition and green metal material should be retained, preserve the momentum of the spatial arrangement and reconstruct the comprehensive property and harmony. The selling point is not only the traditional food, but also the culture of outdoor cooked food stall in the street and the local citizen story. Besides, it is recommended planning a specific pedestrian area in order to solve the problem of street obstruction.

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