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Flow a Dimension 拉出個空間

Have you ever thought of a new way of creating fluidity space?
Troweling, a traditional method to craft edges by repeating the same movement. Back in the years, it appeared in almost every interior details. Every different corner requires a specific tool to trowel the shape out. The tool was designed carefully by the width, height, angle, thickness…to work a beautifully crafted corner.

Unfortunately it was ended as a simple construction option nowadays. People tried to complex and rebuild the tool, added mechanism elements to convenient the progress, but seldom notice about the opportunity behind this troweling design thinking, and the wisdom of an ancient tradition passed through centuries down to this day.

It could be a brand new way to think and design a space, which create a total different space experience from what we are doing right now.

Craft and space complemented each other. Details show by craft, craft creates detail, and space completed by craft. It is the basic element of building an interior space. Changing from the detail can give us a new experience of space.

Supervising Tutor: Kuo Jze Yi

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