Tze Ching Clarice Lam

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A fresh graduate Communication Design student who is passionated with information design, social design and experience design. 

I am particularly interested in socio-cultural related topics, and hoping to promote local cultural heritage through engaging with different kinds of design and media. I love to talk to people, observe daily life objects and travel around to get inspirations from the surroundings.

I am experienced in Adobe Indesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effect as well as Framer and Origami Studio.


Trail of Scent 漁香小路

As a set of local cultural tour guide kit, The Trail of Scent aims to let user explores Tai O and understands the values behind its cultural heritage.

As once a significant fishing port, a sea salt manufacturer and a strategic military base, Tai O had been going through trials and challenges. This is why numerous intangible cultural heritages have been cultivated and nourished. There are the Dragon Boat Water Parade, the building of Stilt Houses and the focus of this travel guide, the manufacturing of shrimp paste and shrimp cake.

The diversity and the dynamics provided by these intangible cultural heritages have shaped and nurtured the becoming of the residents in Tai O. Once step onto the alleys that needle-through Tai o, travellers can easily have a glimpse of the early life style of the habitants by experiencing and engaging in these cultural heritages so as to see how these cultures can continuously be passed on to the next generation.

作為一系列的本地文化導賞手冊,漁香小路希望透過指引使用者遊覽大澳,讓他們了解這個地方背後的文化遺產,當中包括這次介紹的主角:蝦膏蝦醬製作技藝 。

Supervising Tutor: Fung Ho Yin

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