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I am one of the students from School of Design, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. I am very keen to be the UI and UX designer. 

Nowadays, smartphones are one of the gadgets for users to surf the Internet. However, I discovered some poor designs and got a bad user experience on it. Actually, the good user experience can fulfill the appetites and satisfaction.

For my job experience, I started a career as a website and mobile app part-time designer at Information Technology Service from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. My main duties are to communicate with the boss, realize the client requirements, design UI and UX. For now on, I hope to gain job experiences and work hard in large scale company.

A cheerful disposition, can-do attitude and interpersonal ability make me a strong candidate for the designing position.

Thank you very much for considering me and looking at my booth. I would love the opportunity to meet and work with your outstanding team. If I am lucky enough to be granted with you, I would definitely live and breathe this role. Please see enclosed a copy of my portfolio and cv. Thank you.

Yanes Tsang Tsz Yan
School of Design
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University


Move Up (Mobile app for Special needs)

In Hong Kong, one in every nine children is with special needs. They usually suffer from the coordinationproblem, which affects their daily activities, learning or even emotion. Research shows that physicalexercises can help to relieve the problem, but they generally feel exhausted and are not interested indoing those regular exercises at school.

Move Up is an interactive design solution, together with a mobile application, which tries to improve their coordination problem and, at the same time, arise their interests on doing physical exercises.

First of all, every child has a designated account recording the special needs profile. The children can then accept the exercise missions. There are various types of task that require them to move around the school and achieve certain level and aspect of physical exercises. After they have completed some sets of exercise mission, the electronic hand strap can analyze the abilities and movement frequencies in order to generate the capability table and exercise record. While the children are progressing well, some digital awards and real badges will be given to motivate them and increase their interests. On the other hand, the whole system is linked with the school managing system, WebSams, for children profile record.


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