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I live in a high developed city - Hong Kong. The building of this city is famous in high, intensive and the glass facade. They have a clear boundary of indoor and outdoor spaces. People in the building are isolated from the nature. What I want to achieve in my design is to bring back human to nature. Although human invent technology to reduce the affect by the damage from nature as much as possible. Our living still relies to the nature; it gives us food, water and air etc. Therefore, creating spaces that balance the convenience of human and the sustainability of nature is a good way to make people respect and protect the environment.


In most of my project, it is not difficult to found that the concept about break the barrier between human and nature. For example, the key concept of my final year project is to bring back human to the nature. Make our body return to the nature, to maintain a live cycle of the ecosystem. Also try to change our activities, like the traditional Chinese worship. The burning of joss paper will cause air pollution, is there any other method to do the worship? I believe it has. My solution in the project may not be perfect, but if someone can get inspire by my project, and start to make some changes. It will be my greatest honor.


Besides my study, I will go shopping and dining with friends just like other young girls. But I have a hobby that is not common in this age, which is embroidered. I enjoy the time in embroidering, it can really train my patience, carefulness and the orderliness. The most challenge part in embroidered is you need to very concentrate, and it last for the whole afternoon until sunset. Once you make the wrong stitch, it may destroy the whole picture. I think that this hobby actually make my personal character better. And those character that I have, will help my study, my job and my life.