Tsz Shan Ngai

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Scarlet is a product designer studying in the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, with almost a few year experience on designing products especially houseware and accessories. I also so work on graphic design such as logo, poster and t-shirts etc. Enjoying in photography and making a multi-media, to observe and appreciate something new through my eyes is one of the ways for me to create something new.



Carier is a local brand which aims to transform some of Hong Kong’s hidden identity into products for a young generation. As a social project its production involves the design and making of soft fashion accessories by using locally sourced recycled fabric as well as cooperating with sewing experts from social organisations. The products thus include the story of producers and patterns and structures found in Hong Kong. Young people benefit from knowledge and skills from the last generation. The stories connect young and old.


This project has applied some principles of fair trade such as respecting cultural identity and encouraging customers to appreciate the locally sourced materials as well as the handcraft and hard work of senior producers.

The first collection of bags is for daily use especially to hang out and to travel , it can also help people to organize their stuff conveniently.

The stitched pattern motives derived from mosaic tiles (e.g. from Mido Cafe since the 1950s) are becoming symbolic for local culture of Hong Kong.

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