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Self-helping Kit on Language Disorder 相遇於語

養兒一百歲, 長憂九十九。



It's not easy for parents with language disorder kids. To self-help do a lot of help.
The number of children with language delay in Hong Kong is increasing, but there are limited effective solutions to tackle the derived problem in society. “相遇於語” is a self-help kit, which utilizes:

1) leaflet to inform and raise awareness;

2) website to gather updated and proper parenting information an easily accessible platform;
3) the game set to build a stronger parent-child relationship by playing together.

It is hoped to relief the helplessness of parents more effectively by promoting methods of proper language learning and clear communication. The Ultimate goal is to educate learn to embrace one’s weaknesses, to realize everyone’s uniqueness

Supervising Tutor: Fung Ho Yin

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