Tommy Quek Seow Boon

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Senior Lecturer, School of Design, Temasek Polytechnic - Singapore

Few are bolder than those who just do it. Tommy goes right ahead and unleashes immense possibilities. His tenacity has helped a School of Design student become the first ever outside the UK to win the prestigious Design and Art Direction award.

A career studded with start-ups, Tommy has contributed to new courses, new subjects, e-learning for School of Design and the start of multimedia divisions for agencies.

Tommy’s versatility extends to graphic design, animation and video production. In 2005, he was twice honoured by the Ministry of Defence for his work on an interactive CD ROM on “40 Years of Nation Building” and the Bugs and Crawler demos in the National Heritage Video, both produced for the National Day Parade.

The most rewarding moments for this fitness fanatic, avid traveller, movie buff, dog lover and father of two is time spent mentoring students at TDS, and emboldening them with his pioneering spirit.


Ageing's Choice, Your Ageing Matters

This research is to explore a model of transformative design to promote for active ageing individually by using Public Education supported by the Singapore Government. These exhibition can potentially change the negative mindset of the people in Singapore. The ageing population is growing and the government has taken the action of supporting systematic year-round public education programme to infuse a culture of personal responsibility and lifelong planning for old age. The objective of my design concept is to improve self responsibility for their emotional well being, to dispel negative attitudes about ageing and be more aware that there is individual psychology and emotional support provided by the Singapore Government. Emotional support is one of the important aspect within the active ageing. It just like a virus that can influence the individual psychology, emotional and the people around them. In the office, once unpleasant emotion happen among colleagues, it may greatly affected their performance, working abilities and the tension among the each other and the people around them. In the project I would like to propose the research, finding and analysis which investigate if an interactive installation would able to engage the user emotional experiences.

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