Wai Man Tiffany Fong

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MDes, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University;
MA, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Research Title
Development and Prospects of Entrepreneurial Capability: A Framework for Design Education in Hong Kong

Dr Jörn Bühring (Chief Supervisor)
Dr Sandy Ng (Co-supervisor)

About the Research
In many developed markets, including Hong Kong, entrepreneurial capability and identity are of growing social and economic importance to drive future growth. However, there is still precious little real understanding in how entrepreneurial capability is developed, and what role academic institutions play in the supply of an entrepreneurial future workforce. The address this gap, the aim of this qualitative research is to understand, at a deeper level, the development and prospects of entrepreneurial capability in the higher education sector of Hong Kong. Empirical research will produce a curriculum framework specifically directed at Design education, a core sector of Hong Kong's creative industries with great potential for economic growth.

This research will investigate entrepreneurial capability in the higher education of design education. The development of entrepreneurship education of its definitions, entrepreneurship learning and curriculum will be examined and covered in this research.

Research Methology and Results/ Outcomes