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Expired Memory Transit

Memories in life are hard to be washed by time. People might mistakenly think to memorise selectively in mind. But once when the memories are triggered by matters or goods, it is realized that time does not help. The way of “forget” is just hided and buried by ourselves, in which giving people a psychological burden.

Shareology is created “expired memory transit” as their role, in order to help people who have obsession towards memory to face it and learn to let go from the process of rethinking. The actual way of letting go is not just regardless of throwing them away, but to treasure them and hope for a better host. The expired memory might bring a negative effect to the owner, but through the process of let go and relief it will be a new beginning to both the original owner and goods.

記憶是令人難以忘記,有些人會誤以為能夠選擇性地忘記,但當記憶被勾起之時 ,便會發現時間沒有幫助自己去忘記,只是自己一直去掩飾、隱藏,反而是對心靈包袱增添負累。

得閒捨成為過期回憶轉転站,幫助對回憶有執念的人先去面對,從而於面對回憶 的過程之中學會放手。真正地學會放手並不是丟掉而不顧,而是抱有一顆惜物之 心,希望自己沒有用處之時,會有更好的惜物之人接手。過期回憶可能對昔物擁有者有著負面的影響,但透過學會放手、釋懷,物件不再帶著不開心的回憶,昔物和曾經的昔物擁有者都會有著新的開始去迎接更好的未來。

Supervising Tutor: Alan Kan

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