Suxin Zhang

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BA, Hunan Normal University;
MA, Hunan Normal University;
MUD, University of New South Wales

Research Title
Placemaking and Revival in Heritage Conservation Areas Located in the Centre of the City in China

Dr Gerhard Bruyns (Main Supervisor)
Prof Tim Jachna

About the Research
In recent decades, to maximise economic benefits and meet the needs of urban development, most existing heritage conservation areas and their neighbourhoods located in the centre of Chinese cities have been subjected to overly frequent commercial activities or massive urban regeneration projects, destroying their heritage values and urban context to some extent. This study uses theories and approaches of placemaking to explore specific methods and strategies of heritage protection in heritage conservation areas, which not only conserve features and heritage values of these areas to realise their revitalization and create more economic benefits, but also retain urban context and authentic collective memory and meet the needs of socio-economic development together with the neighbourhoods. Consequently, the study is to set up the dynamic, feasible and comprehensive framework to alleviate the conflicts between heritage protection and urban development in China.

Research Methology and Results/ Outcomes