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My name is Chan Suet Yan, or just Kitty. I am currently a first year student studying HD in Multimedia Design and Technology.


My interests include reading, photography, drawing, browsing the Internet for interesting pictures and bird-watching. I usually read a wide range of books, though mostly fiction and books related to nature and art. I enjoy drawing flora and fauna, as well as taking photos of landscapes and nature.


My specialty would be that I am well-versed in English conversation, having grown up in South Africa for the majority of my childhood. This allows me to be comfortable with both English and Cantonese conversation, not to mention that it lets me possess much experience concerning inter-cultural interactions.


Personally, I believe that I am responsible and have a serious attitude towards things that I need to do. I am well aware of my weaknesses, and I try my best to improve so that it won't affect my work. People around me usually say I am calm, patient and perhaps a bit quiet, though I like to keep quiet because I think I should listen to the whole conversation before expressing my views, and to show respect to the speaker too.