Mok So Fan

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Hi friends,

This is Sofan. Let's spend few minutes to read my story.

Art opens a door lead my study direct to design field

I was a girl enjoyed drawing in high school. I took drawing as my best interest and Visual Arts as my favorite subject, in which to explore the goodness of the world and to build self-confidence, humility, and positive character. To be aware of the value in both art and design, I start my university life with great passion and high expectation in School of Design, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.


I value design with functions and purposes

My four year design study was incredible and memorable. Both my practical skills and thinking skills had been strengthened for a better design outcome that should be thought highly of people oriented. The best success of me being a designer is seeing the design outcome meaningfully and functionally designed, which not only pleased clients, but also audience and the environments.  


I value designer as a good occupation carries stories to share

A successful education leads student to be aware of who they are and what they want to be. My education broaden my perspective of designers that a good designer mostly determine what to make and do, why do it and how to innovate contextually instead of mainly beautifying things. Therefore, the best enjoyment of me being a designer is sorting out contents and information and then turning great insights into awesome stories that interested people.