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Let's go on a bread-venture, shall we?

Breadventure aims to make bread more welcoming in HK and to appreciate the art of bread by raising awareness of different dietary needs in Hong Kong and make them learn using ‘bread as a medium’. Not all people can eat normally because of certain health needs or religious beliefs, there are different dietary needs in society yet we always overlook this fact, for bread lovers, they may not know what are their choices if are constrained by such diets. Therefore, in this project, a variety of bread knowledge and useful nutritional facts will be explained to help people appreciate bread from another perspective and learn the many more possibilities of the food.

From a general to specific approach, the project is brought out in 3 stages, allowing the target audience to approach bread more easily.After learning the fundamental knowledge, the specific content regarding different diets for bread are explained. There are 3 deliverables including a book, a card deck and a mobile application connecting to the 3 stages of the project respectively:
to learn, to experiment and to apply.

Tutor: Brian Kwok

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