Ka Yee Suen (Skyee)

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Skyee, Suen Ka Yee

‘‘Design is another SKY, with no boundary.”

My name is Skyee and this name comes from my English name- Suen Ka Yee. I am interested in drawing from an early age. In my childhood, I spent most of my time to 
draw. I want to draw down my favorite cartoon characters.

I enjoy doing 2d and 3d animation. Also love to draw sketches and create some characters. I keep exploring some new things so that my creative will become exist and show them to all my audience. :)


Email: florasky91@gmail.com



The character is attracted and blinded by the beautiful things, and danger is waiting for him.

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貓又 Nekomata

The story takes place in a ordinary estate. Everyone believes that there are monsters in the estate. A little girl called Hau Yee makes friend with a mysterious monster called Blackie for many years. One day, Hau yee’s cat Bobo is missing. She thinks that Backie takes away her cat so she asks for help from Uncle Gua, who is a master of catching monsters. As time passing by, she finds Uncle Gua is keeping some secrets. 

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Cooperative Project- Polyu x HKISA 2015
Fairytales (2015)

Choosing 3 fairy tales story to show the steps of Creative process.

When the protagonist in the fairy tale have problems, they use creativity to solve the problem. Audiences will understand “What the creative process is”


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Bone War 戰骨頭

The story is about the secrets of evolution in ancient time.
Using polygons to do the modeling, to make it more stylise

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Mission Impossible

A short 3d animation. A thief wants to steal the big diamond.

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