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Sleepless Night

Nowadays, people overtime work in the result of achieving a better quality of life. However, they may neglect the importance of precious things, such as health, self-development and own entertaining. After 50 yers later, the world may become that all the employees need to work from day to night, and have no time to rest, this project would aim to be speculated the unrestrained situation if the people transformed to be a creature that “working” is their meaning of life as well as to bring insight and awareness of our surrounding and the things which may be disappeared gradually.

Nature has a power of giving human being a comfortable and peaceful feeling. According to each of the elements: Aether, Air, Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth, each element takes place to represent its existence through the space and also provides different kind of activities, functions as well as spatial quality inside the building - HSBC.

The project is about a businessman, Mr. Wong, who works in HSBC Headquarter in Hong Kong. In the result of making the workers to have a work life balance, the director of the office creates different facilities inside the machine-like building. All of the facilities are aim at making the workers can keep awaken and have a break to relax when they are over-work inside the office at night.

Mr. Wong finds himself trapped in the HSBC and he experience in all the zones over the whole day, from imagination, to eventually walking into those spaces to have different experience and enjoy the activities inside each zone.

Tutor: Anneli Giencke

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