Siu Man Mok

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As an interior designer I feel responsible to design a human-oriented space in my projects. I am to constantly consider how the users use the space or  their feeling. Culture specific is another perspective that I also look into. The culture specific designs often gives people comfort and it helps promoting local culture to locals or visitors. Also, I am interested in aesthetic. I started painting since I was 6, I love and enjoy much when I am painting. It is enjoyable for me to develop an aesthetic sense in a space. When I am doing my concept development. it is easy for me to draw my ideas out and present to others.  My another interest is watching movies and reading books, I can always inspired from them. It is a convenient and direct way for me to understand and stick to the trend of the global city. 


Mills Hospitality

This project aims to adapt the Kowloon Flour Mill into a toys recycling center coupled with and hostel accommodation. By collecting toys, the intention is to re-value their re-use characteristics within new user typologies and aesthetic value. By breaking the boundary between hospitality and recycling it allows for guests to engage at selected moments with the recycling process at various levels of reuse. Appreciation as well as recycling awareness re-scripts the overall hospitality experience, harmonizing industrial processes with stylistic aspects, appropriate participation and promoting the new communication between the guest and toy recycling industry aesthetic. 

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