Cheuk Yiu SIU

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Dedicating myself into the society have always been my dream. Having spent the last two years studying in the social design field, I have finally realized that my enthusiasm lies in helping the children.

When I work with children, I feel joyful and satisfied when interacting with them. These experiences have broadened my horizon and I have learnt a lot from that.


Publicity to Raise Awareness against Sexual Harassment 非禮勿怕

Women who are being sexually assaulted are rapidly increasing. More than eight percent of women in Hong Kong have been subjected to sexual harassment. However, more than 40% of women did not inform to others. This shows that women generally have lack awareness of sexual harassment. For the woman who has never experienced sexual harassment before, most of they will do not have the concept to identify whether it is sexual harassment or unintentionally collision. There are lack of channels telling people what is sexual harassment. A majority of people do not have a concept of what constitute sexual harassment and how to response at that moment. People have lack of understanding about sexual harassment, thus causing these incidents.

To prevent these cases of sexual harassment, we must raise the awareness of public and the potential victims as soon as possible. So, educating women with the information of sexual harassment is a urgent and efficient method.This project aims at designing an educational booklet for potential victims and posters in order to raise the awareness of sexual harassment with the means of educating victims and public as well as warning criminals.



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