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I am bee, Cheung Sin Ting.
For me, media is a communication.I express myself by films, and people will understood my thoughts.
Meanwhile, media is a sense of existence for me.Finding my strength and impress others in Art Direction, that is the reason why I’m interested in media.
I have participated in different productions in these 2 years.I worked with many people and learnt a lot from them.“To be or not to be” is my favorite work in my study life.Although we faced many difficulties and imperfections,this film will always be my favorite.I wish all of you will be inspired by our passion after watching this film - “To be or not to be”.


畢業作品【 來忘掉錯對 To Be Or Not To Be】

“未砍過友?點叫做黑社會” - 王君樂 2016
黑社會...一個所有人都認定為錯的團體。 但在黑社會的世界,根本沒有是非黑白之分。 有的是犯罪 是暴力 但也許有時是感情 是義氣。 當進入了無分對錯的世界,你又會如何去重新為自己決擇?
這個故事...由一個天真無邪 體質瘦弱,熱愛本地黑幫電影的中六學生, 帶我們由荒謬的現實世界,進入更荒謬更荒旦的黑社會世界, 暫且忘掉錯對,把血腥轉為友情,去尋找傳說中的社團信物。

Using the triad as the storybackground, with 2 high school students - Ah Hei who is a silly boy dreamed to be a triad member and Ah Lok who believe in justice while actually he got a secret identity - the son of the local triad gang leader, through the wrong gangster world to bring out how ridiculous the actually world is.
Sometime, we should put down our glasses on valuing whether it is right or wrong but through other values to judge, especially our dreams.Not everyone can be succesful to chase their dream, neither with no certain ability nor support from the others. In nowadays’ society, most people think that dreams are impractical when they cannot make money, but it does not mean that the dream is wrong. That is why we are putting the triad theme in the film, nothing is worst than dreaming to be a gangster.

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