Simon Xia

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Simon.Xia, a designer and also a expert on product development,with more than 8 years product design experiences and design project management from ideation to manufacture in consumer products,and finished his master degree in PolyU design school at July,2014,and focused on innovation design. Before he come to PolyU,he was a senior designer at Philips design.
He is experienced in a multidisciplinary design field and loves working with people across various fields, in industrial design, engineering, mockup making and manufacturing.

• Utilize my experience to dream innovations and designs with sensitivity
• Excel in an exciting and creative company
• Push towards technology-centric products and involvement in strategic design
• Reinterpret Asian traditional culture elements into design with a modern style

Strengths/ Expertise
• Self-motivated, thinking designer and always goal-oriented in nature
• A team player who contributes in pushing designs further
• Loves challenges and has the ability to work fast and prioritize tasking
• Design details, user observations, design research, design decisions, interaction
• Deep understanding of Asian culture

Design Skills
• Ideation & Design Conceptualization, Problem Identification and Solving, User
Research & Design Thinking, 2D + 3D Cad Modeling & Rendering, Colours Materials
Finishes Study, Model Making, Design for Innovation



Smart.Y is a project that aim to improve the diabetes checking method base on a new saliva checking technology that by identifying the protein in your saliva to understand if you have diabetes or not. It also consider all of the key elements that related to diabetes treatment and provide a more easy and comfortable way to manage your diabetes.

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