Shek Yeung Lai

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Garden of Discarded Past

The project is related to the concept of boundary. Boundary is surrounding our daily life every day, but we haven’t not realized “they” are existing. Most easily to think of boundary is about wall, door and window. Which we think those boundaries are separating two sides and blocking to pass through. But boundary is not only like a piece of wall that. It also can be very complex and should impact people when they are crossing it. So, many things can become boundary based on understand and define personally. Unlike to think of what can become boundary, the project aims to experiment on how boundary condition changing people mind and decision to make the experience that they are happening become difference. The most attract part of boundary is how it passively controlling our mind, what can pass through what make can’t. So, instead of designing on a space, building boundary in different type of space is more effective to explore and show how boundary impact to people. To achieve the idea the project decided to draw a set of perspective sequence.

Supervising Tutor: Peter Hasdell

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