Sammy YAU

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By fusing technology with design, to create anything that evolves with user inventiveness.

‘Modern innovation is more about integration than invention.’ It is what I have learnt from these years of study in design. I intent to expand my knowledge and widen my experience in a variety of  disciplines and integrate them into socially beneficial designs that evolves with user needs. I believe that good design does not stop at a point, instead, it should always be evolving to generate new inspirations.



By researching on various problems of reading difficulties and existing dyslexia-friendly designs, the findings indicated that there are no two dyslexics alike. This insight inspires the development of a typography generator to offer a variety of options and enable custom adjustment for the readers. For this project, Easiread – a prototype typography system with preset functions to help with problems of letter recognition, reading flow and visual stress has been created. Users can test and use Easiread in Google chrome to make custom-adjustments according to their needs for online text. They can also output the adjusted text if they prefer to read it in prints version. In the future with more technological supports, Easiread can be developed to support more languages and to include features like Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for printed books.

通過對多種閱讀困難的問題以及現有的易讀字體設計的研究,我發現沒有兩個閱讀困難患者遇到的障礙是一樣的。此項研究啟發了我發展出一個智能的字體及排版程式,Easiread,讓讀者自訂最適合自己閱讀的字體及排版,而他們所調整出來的字體排版更可應用於任何的網頁,為他們提供更多的閱讀選擇。Easiread 提供多項功能,並預置了三套字體及排版,分別針對協助辨字問題、閱讀流暢性和視覺壓力的三類型問題。用戶可以在 Google Chrome 測試使用 Easiread 的擴充功能,嘗試根據自己的需要輕易調整字體及排版。它們更可以列印輸出已調整的文本,更有助於閱讀。在未來,配合更多的技術支持,Easiread可進一步開發,以支持更多的語言和加入字符識別系統,讀者便能把平裝書的文字都轉化成最適合個別閱讀的字體及排版。

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