Sabrina Zhenzhen Qin

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BA, Anhui University;
MS, Pratt Institute

Research Title
Design Intervention to Prevent Urban Cultural Disintegration in China: Bridging the Gap between Traditional Culture and Urban Civilization through Digital Innovation

Dr. Sandy Ng (Cheif supervisor)
Dr. Kenny Chow (Co-supervisor)

About the Research
Vigorous modernization has created a significantly negative impact on China’s culture, to the extent that urban residents for the most part now regard classical and essential traditional culture as backward when compared to Western styles and international ideas. The primary objective of this research is to design a way of communication that will improve Chinese urban residents’ recognition of and participation in traditional culture in interactive systems. The aim is to create a constructive dialogue between the past and present based on digital innovation, by constructing a digital interaction experience that is not just a simple mixture of visual traditional symbols and modern functions.

Research Methodology and Results/ Outcomes