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Vermicycle is a compact self-sustaining food waste recycling facility utilising black soldier flies. Food waste disposal is a pressing issue in developed societies where recycling facility operational and maintenance costs are high. Vermicycle is aimed at closing the food and waste loop naturally, by providing an one-stop food waste collection & processing system at low cost, simple to manage, and fitting limited urban space contexts.

剩食蟲環 是一套適合都市住宅式的廚餘回收處理系統。


剩食蟲環設計宗旨以低成本,低碳排,及最天然的方式處理都市家居廚餘, 解決食物變成廢物的惡性循環。使用最少空間的作業空間,運用黑水虻的快速廚餘處理能力,令他們能在廚餘機內自我繁殖。另外配合Vermicycle手機應用程式配合nfc功能,用家為:住客、大廈管理處 及 工人,令屋苑用家能儲分回收廚餘及換取廚餘袋,大廈管理處監察住客的廚餘回收情況,使用廚餘機的工人亦能監察廚餘機內的情況,令處理都市日常家居廚餘更加方便。


*Personal statement*

“DESIGN = ART+” Design equals to “Art and more”, is my belief that Product design is a sublimation of Art and functionality.

My two years of working as a freelance product designer has developed my CAD building, prototyping and sketching abilities to an advanced level. My current role at 3DMaking Inc. requires a forward understanding on 3D printing and professional visual communication skills with clients on top of the collaborative projects and team building skills I gained from my current education.

As an art and design enthusiast and innovation pursuer, I am keen to apply my knowledge acquired from Art & Design industries in workplace where I can collaborate with multidisciplinary designers and contribute by suggesting innovative design solutions for the society.

Thanks for unearthing me.