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Design is a delicate process to make twists on individuals’ life. Steeped in the field of design since 2012, Ranger was maturated as a designer specialised in product & industrial with a passionated soul.

As a design profession, objective of why and how the lines are constructed is a fundamental critic he puts in the first place. It could verify its purpose behind every magnificent appearance. Being motivated by infinite weaving techniques between product form and function. He believes abstractive could be founded into practical through concepts exploration, that shapes the early contour of a quality design.

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AQUILA - A rescue aid for lifeguard on the beaches

AQUILA is a public service design to assist lifeguards on the beaches. By applying a self-inflated platform and AED on the drone carrier, it offers an alternative protocol for compressing time spent throughout the whole rescue process.

Drowning is the 3rd leading cause of unintentional injury death among the world, following falling and traffic accidents. Instead of thrashing or yelling out for help, fatal drowning is a much quieter act that needs the presence of lifeguards to carry out the rescue process.  In the beaches of Hong Kong, around 2,800 cases are recorded in these 3 years which is a burden of the rescue system.

Aim to compress the time spent and thus reduce death rate of drowning victims. It offers a rescue package to transform a series rescue protocol into a parallel one.

AQUILA is a public service design to assist lifeguards in the rescue process. The design includes a drone that carries self-inflated and propelled device with AED. By tracking and following the lifeguard via GPS on armband, the drone drops the inflatable to victim when lifeguard arrived. Then, it inflates and propels back to shore where an AED is simultaneously provided by the drone. AQUILA targets to optimize the rescue process and complete the protocol.

Check out the releated-video on viemo: https://vimeo.com/rangerhuidesign/aquila

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