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Paul Ng began his design study in Hong Kong Polytechnic; he then continued his study in California Institute of the Arts and received his BFA major in Graphic Design. After working in LA for a year, he furthered his studies in UCLA where he specialised in Computational Design and graduated with a MFA in 1988.

Paul founded his own design company in the early 90's which has been providing a wide extent of communication design services for different clienteles ranged from multinational corporations to local SMEs. Besides practicing as a professional designer, he also teaches in different tertiary educational institutions, including Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, from time to time. He is a former Member of the DesignSmart Initiative Assessment Panel of CreateHK; currently he is the Hon Treasurer of School of Design Alumni Association of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Research Title
Computational Design System for Corporate Identity Design

Dr Clifford Choy (Chief Supervisor)

About the Research
The essence of computational design is about creating design through algorithms. In order to create a design with computational method, the related design concepts have to be formalized as a design knowledge base as well as design algorithms in advance.

As brand identity design includes three types of essential communication design problems – symbol, typography and colour, it provides the opportunities to study communication design and computational design from different perspectives.

Unlike most of the other computational design studies which mainly focus on generating new forms or facilitating design automations, this study also considers the semantic and pragmatic aspects of brand identity design from the perspective of computational design.

Design students could be benefited from the knowledge base built for the system. On the other hand, professionals could see how these essential but different topic put together as a sophisticated design system for brand identity design. Furthermore, both amateur and professional could enjoy a power tool for communication design, particularly if the solution could pass the Turing Test, whereas people can hardly differentiate whether the design solution is coming from human or machine.