Pak Hin Mak

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Heterotopian occupation 佔領異托邦

This thesis project investigates public spaces occupation as a form of heterotopia in order to show the dynamic public space imaginations of future Hong Kong. The term Heterotopia is a concept introduced by Michel Foucault in 1966, which described a physical representation of utopia city imagination in the reality. Public space occupation implies citizen’s desire of their utopia interpretation, while government treats it as a destructive occurrence. This thesis investigates the possibility of adding public space occupation as part of the urban planning consideration. By both conservative and progressive tactics between the occupants and government, either formal or informal negotiation would be made and created a new presentation of Heterotopia. The thesis interprets the tactics between occupants and government in four different comic-strip narrations, not only showing how different parties creating their utopia future, but also criticize the prospective dynamicity of public space.

Supervising Tutor: Tim Jachna

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