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We are used to find and control the spatial settings that suit our needs. What if our senses are distorted? If what we hear is not related to what we see, what could this experience be?

The project aims to change the eye of urban observation. I am interested in how different sound and notion in the city depends on how we create and distort them. The outcome is about how to displace some of the noisy or silent settings with contradicting moments of people.

I have created two pieces of experimental equipment to let people selectively change the perspectives of hearing and vision. They not only give an extra eye perspective, but also change the relationship with the environment around us.

My project can be not site specific. It can be everywhere. However, in order to test the devices, I need a real site which has different kind of spatial quality to test. I choose Mong Kok as a site because Mong Kok is the most noisest place in Hong Kong. My site is around the Sai Yeung Choi Street South, where is a designated part-time pedestrian street.

An audiovisual journey, including equipment and devices, is designed to unset people to create contradicting moment. People can have the momentary experience of spatial interaction, and further experience self-sought silence.

Supervising Tutor: Anneli Giencke

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