Ning Suet Fion

1 Projects


" Willing to learn , enthusiastic to analyse,  passionate to discover"

Research Plus Spatial Design

Four-year experience as an environment and interior design student allows me to become a fast learner and a confident person who is willing to take up challenges.

As an aspiring designer, I strongly believe that a good interior design place an important role in shaping human experience and interaction. It is my passion to explore the possibilities in creating interesting spatial qualities by undergoing a tough research process to achieve a database of knowledge before the design process begins. My projects also demonstrate investigation of different material properties and experiments of creating geometric patterns. Hence, it is important to adhere both functional capabilities and aesthetic qualities in my design.

I hope that I could pursue a career which further helps me to channel my enthusiasm for learning, discovery and design.


Cubic Meter Domesticity


In Hong Kong, most residential building typologies are driven either by the floor plan or a rendering of the facade. In addition, we are reminded of the spatial context and Hong Kong’s questions on dwelling sizes, especially its small dwelling types. Both the spatial layout and the spatial language reflects a strong identity of high-density legible from their modernist  inspired exterior modularity expressed as windows and balconies. However, this development mechanizes a design horizontal mean. M3[D] proposes to challenge this thinking confronting the design industry’s forms and complexities of modularity, pushing the building boundary from linear into the volumetric, from square meter to cubic meter as a position to quantify the quality of domesticity.

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