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Hello, I am Anson Hung, an Interactive Media student.


Reading Torch

BookCrossing is the practice of releasing the books shared to the public for others to pickup and read. It is a loop cycle to keep books such an recyclable resources pass from readers to readers. Although, there are different BookCrossing events and groups to promote the culture of BookCrossing continually. Lack of management and motivation to encourage the public to participate is still the weakness of Book Crossing in Hong Kong. Therefore, I chose BookCrossing in Hong Kong as my capstone project topic and designed ‘Reading Torch’.

‘Reading Torch’ integrated the RFID smart bookshelf and mobile app to enhance the user experience of BookCrossing in Hong Kong. The RFID smart bookshelf can read the RFID tags in the books to track the records of books in and out, update the book status to the mobile app for users to search and pick up to read books they want. At the same time, users can explore different quotes captured by others. It assists users explore different books through the quotes to help the users read widely and deeply. On the other hand, users can simply complete the procedures of book’s first release with the mobile app after they get the RFID tag from the staff in BookCrossing Zone. It helps the user to register the books under their account and keep tracking their books and create the book journey after released. The book journey shows the books travel around the readers and BookCrossing Zone in Hong Kong, it makes the book release more meaningful to the releasers and not only giving away their books.

漂書所指的是將書本放漂到公眾地方予其他人拾取閱讀,並持之以恆的一種閱讀運動。透過讀者與讀者之間互相傳閱令書本變成一種可循環使用的資源,減少書本浪費。雖然現時一直有不同的漂書團體或機構定期舉行漂書活動,藉此向大眾士傳漂書文化。不過,欠缺完善的管理系統和缺乏誘因鼓勵公眾參與一直是香港漂書行動發展的不足之處。 因此,我選擇以香港漂書行動作為畢業專題的題目,並設計出 「Reading Torch」。

「Reading Torch」結合RFID智能書櫃及手機應用程式以提升香港漂書行動的用戶體驗。RFID智能書櫃可透過黏貼在掃描漂書上的RFID標籤來記錄漂書的進出記錄,將書櫃的書藏現況即時更新到手機應用程式,方便用戶查找及取閱書籍。與此同時,用戶可瀏覽其他用戶所擷取並上載到手機應用程式的文句摘錄圖片。此舉有助用戶透過不同的文句摘錄探索不同書籍,由此拓闊及深入不同的閱讀範疇。另一方面,用戶只要從漂書點取得RFID標籤後,就可利用手機應用程式簡單完成書本首次放漂的登記程序。這樣可令用戶將書籍登記到自身帳戶名下,用戶在放漂書籍後就可隨時追蹤書籍並建立每本漂書獨有的漂書旅程。漂書旅程可記錄漂書漂到不同讀者手中及各個香港的漂書點,讓放漂書籍的行動對放漂者而言更有意義,而非單單送出自己的書籍。

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