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Cabinet of 糅物誌

"The ideation of CABINET OF has started from a secret box hides in the drawer. People and object are closely interrelated in such a material world.

CABINET OF believes the function of the object beyond practicality, it is also about possession and desire. The object is ‘abstracted from its function and thus brought into relationship with the subject’ (Baudrillard,1968). In the perspective of ‘possession’, the object is seems as a vessel for storing times and sentiment. Perhaps, most of us have a secret box for preserving ordinary things with exceptional significance.

CABINET OF is a semi-yearly thematic publication about people and object. It tells the stories of various individuals through the objects they chose to preserve, disclosing the multiple motivations that triggered them to safeguard.

Therefore, CABINET OF as a collector, recorder and transmitter that reveals the passion for collecting and curiosity. The project dedicated to initiating an approachable and profound publication and online platform about diverse objects and artefacts, as well as art & design, scientific, social, cultural and historical stories behind those objects.

CABINET OF also emphasizes the importance to communication and information design, it explores and uses various printing and publication design techniques to express a conceptual idea per issue. "

糅物誌像物品的收集者、記錄者及傳遞者,透過零零種種的物件資訊進行收集、整理、轉化,結合視覺及資訊設計,將收藏學術研究與物品的設計、藝術,科學, 社會,文化,歷史等知識,轉換成平易近人又不失深度的內容。"

Suervising Tutor: Fung Ho Yin

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