Andrea Navarrete Rigo PhD. Social Design

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PhD Researcher

Andrea Navarrete Rigo


PhD Title

Social Design: A cohesive practice for building creative and sustainable communities


Social design, Sustainable development, Design methods, Community building

Research Abstract

This research explores the actions for systematic change in order to impact on multiple levels across economic, ecological, political, social and cultural structures. Social design will be used as a creative process that incorporates and concentrates knowledge from other areas and create synergies. The research aim is to connect reflection, knowledge, and action towards a transition into a sustainable society, by strengthening capacities and knowledge towards adaptation to, and mitigation of climate change, with an adequate form of organization, understanding and planning that responds to the escalating social, technological and environmental complex challenges a contemporary society faces today.

Research Methodology

This study uses Participatory Impact Assessment (PIA) as a method to measure in which ways is social design contributing to build or strengthen the relationality and interdependence between humans, environment and knowledge. Two case studies, from different contexts and life projects will be approached. A first PIA will be conducted along with semi-structured interviews, community-based participatory research and participant observation; the aim is to measure the success and accomplishment of the program’s or project’s goals and to get feedback and validation from the participants. Followed by a series of workshops developed under specific aims to work within a community. A second PIA will determine the impact of the social design practices towards achieving and constructing the needed relations for the community’s realization.

Results / outcomes

1. A guide that contributes and ensures the adoption of creative and sustainable practices in communities.

2. Cross-disciplinary methods that enable systematic change in social structures.

3. Feasible and productive practices to create self-managed and self-sufficient communities.


Bachelor of Industrial Design, National Autonomous University of Mexico

Master of Arts: Social Design_Arts As Urban Innovation, University of Applied Arts Vienna


Mr. Peter Hasdell (Chief)

Dr. Sandy Ng (Co)

Specialization / Interests

Design for autonomy, decolonization, Global South, local knowledge, transition design

Date of Completion

August 2022