Yee Hung LIN

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Visuals • Video • Classical Music • Ailurophile • Perfectionist

"To write with a wrong word is insignificant; To design without passion is inexcusable."

I am Natalie, an extrovert. I have a strong sense of curiosity which makes my probe into questions open to different answers. When expressing myself, I love to be creative, unique but still manage to maintain clarity. I also like taking on new challenges and persist till the end because my greatest strength is being able to stay focused on what needs to be done and complete it. I work efficiently as I believe time is treasurable and should not be wasted. I believe being able to meet deadlines can train up my efficiency and effectiveness in dealing with my work. My willingness to take on challenges can also reflect my high adaptability to new environment.

As a sociable and an active person, I enjoy getting along with others. I believe interacting with others is a form of the arts. According to my experience, arguments are from time to time inevitable when we are having discussion, but good communication skills often help us reach a consensus because it makes sharing of ideas possible. Whenever I am learning, I like to keep an eye on the minor changes around me. I am willing to learn and I appreciate every opportunity to learn new things or old ones indiscriminately. I always tell myself to keep moving because not progressing is equivalent to falling behind.