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Michelle is a young passionate designer with an entrepreneur spirit. During her university years, she had became co-founder of two companies "FreeingHK" & “Phocus", to applied her learning in the working environment in an early stage. She is a good team player with independent working ability in design and administration. With strong interest in experience design, she looks forward to new opportunities in applying a design perceptive to bring creative solutions for a company. She is brave to breakthrough and generate creative solutions based on user experience research.



"Eats Your Type" Healthy Dining Experience

“What should I eat to stay healthy?”
“It depends on your body type!”
Living in a fast-paced city like Hong Kong, more than 95% of people are suffering from sub-health syndromes. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) believes that adjusting eating habits based on your own body constitution (BC) is the most effective way to be healthy. However, most people, especially young adults, are not familiar with their BC and its relationship with the food we eat, or even have misconceptions about ways of staying healthy. Therefore, this project aims to communicate TCM’s concept of personalized diet to young adults through a more creative and effective experience.

EATS YOUR TYPE is an one-stop interactive healthy dining experience, using multi-touch table in a restaurant context as a communication channel. The design provides an interesting and convenient way for young people to understand their body through body constitution test, personalize their menu choice among suggested food and enjoy a meal that is suitable for their body. Nine BC characters and visualized personal BC diagram system has been created based on BC test results to help people understand their BC in order to make informed decisions on what to eat to improve their health effectively. This dining experience has integrate health, education and food enjoyment through the interactive multi-touch table, suiting the user’s need of convenience so that they are able to know more about their body condition simply through enjoying a meal.


「嘗態」為香港年青人提供一站式互動健康飲食體驗,以現代餐廳中的觸屏餐桌為媒介,讓大家能簡易快速地測試自己的體質,再從推薦食品中自選菜單,享用能改善自己健康的食物。本設計創作了九種體質角色,並研製視覺化個人體質圖表,令大眾更容易理解自己的身體健康狀態,提升他們對於個人化健康的認識。用家可在用餐後獲得個人化的體質資訊包,延續體驗。「嘗態」認為品嚐食物的態度,是依據個人身體狀態選擇適宜食物,並將這個態度化為「常態」。本設計以全新的形式詮釋傳統中醫“治未病” 和“醫食同源“的概念,讓更多年輕人有機會接觸中醫文化。

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