Michail Oustamanolakis

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BA Graphic Design, Technological Educational Institute of Athens;
MFA, Sandberg Institute;
MFA, University of Gothenburg

Research Title
Creativity in Entrepreneurship Education: The case of the Hong Kong startup ecosystem

Dr. Henry Ma (Chief Supervisor)
Dr. Kenny Chow (Co-supervisor)

About the Research
As the global networks of information and trade continuously keep improving, more and more cities in the world are forming their local version of a “startup scene” and joining a global trend of entrepreneurship. Assuming that creativity is a crucial component for startups and a critical ingredient for innovation, it is sensible to look how creativity is being leveraged and valued across different cities with distinct entrepreneurship ecosystems (also known as startup ecosystems). Key to achieving a thriving ecosystem is the people and their background, including their education. I intend to identify what the entrepreneur education exactly is, and map the different paths that an individual can receive their learning to become entrepreneurs. This research project aims to determine the status of creativity within entrepreneurship education and gain a better understanding of the role of creativity for startup ecosystems a whole.

Research Methodology and Results/ Outcomes